Truly Touching


Photo from via Facebook.

I came upon this article tonight as I was perusing Facebook. I was deeply touched with this mother’s effort to show her son how special and loved he is. And I am blown away by the power of social media.

As a mother, I can’t even fathom how gut wrenching it must have been to hear her son, Colin’s answer when asked if he wanted a party to celebrate his 11th birthday. He said it was pointless because he had no friends. Colon was diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder and a disorder similar to autism which makes communication and socializing difficult for him.

As a surprise, his mother set up a Facebook page to get folks to wish her son a Happy Birthday. She originally only thought friends and family would be interested but the outpouring from around the world has been amazing. As of the time of this post the page was fast approaching 900K likes – incredible!

Can you imagine how ecstatic he’ll be when he sees how much people really do care about his birthday! People from all over the globe.

Hooray, Colin!

I don’t know this mother but I find her actions for her son truly inspiring – what a creative, thoughtful and touching idea she had to make his birthday memorable. The love of a mother for her child is such an incredible force. You rock, Colin’s mama!

Please take a moment to “like” the Happy Birthday Colin Facebook page and make this special young man’s 11th birthday one for the record books!

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