Good intentions


I started this blog well over a year ago so that I could chronicle the glow (and woes) of pregnancy, hence the “Yay Baby” title.

A laughable intention considering my sweet girl is on the cusp of 10 months old and I’ve only ever posted one other time, when she still resided within my belly. Terrible.

I guess the (dull) glow of my pregnancy was just too harrowing to recount in type. But the joys of Motherhood burn bright. So I will revisit this little blog o’mine and rehash my daily exuberance of mommy-ing this wiggly, squiggly, huggable, lovable, ΓΌber-kissable, sassy, feisty, endlessly adorable, achingly beautiful little nugget of awesomeness, whom I like to call Jax.

She’s all kinds of wonderful and I’m happy to show a few glimpses of life with her to the world.

She gives me reason every day to scream out loud – YAY BABY!! Get ready to shout it with me.