18 Months of Awesome

My love bug is 18 months old today. A year and a half – I can’t even believe it!

  • 18 months of hanging out with the coolest chick I know.
  • 18 months of super sass packed in an adorable package.
  • 18 months of sleeping within two feet of the sweetest thing in the world. I have never slept apart from her, never even slept in another room then the one she was in.
  • 18 months of waking up to the most radiant smile and the happiest cooing. In 18 months I can’t recall a time when she woke up in the morning anything but cheerful and excited to start her day.

At 18 months old my bug weighs 30 pounds! My sweet, sweet chubette. She has too many teeth for me to count! If I try she bites my finger, that sticker!

She loves to babble endlessly. She clearly says “mama,” “dada,” “mommy,” “daddy,” “bye,” “hi,” “ball,” “no,” “caca” and “bus.” And has her own special way of saying “please” (bee or bees), “thank you” (ti too), “pizza” (pee-ta), “pasta” (pa-ta), “noodle” (nu-no), “Jax” (dah). Listening to her talk is one of my biggest joys and I love teaching her new words. I know I am leaving out at least a dozen other things she says. She is a chatter box!

She’s so awesome. So outgoing and fun. My days are never boring.

When I look at her I still see such a baby. My baby. Always.




Jax hijacked this quad ride-on from a two year-old boy at the park. She loved it. I see a pink one in her future.

It’s Potty Time

She’s not quite 16 months old but we’re going to give potty training a try. Jax seems more than ready and wants so badly to be a big girl and do everything herself. She is very interested when mommy is on the potty, tries to inspect what’s going on and is very inquisitive. She also pulls at her diaper when she’s wet and gives us plenty of signals when she’s relieving herself. So we’re giving it a go.

I’ve read some parents start as early as 6 months and have their child diaper-free at a year. WOW! That is aggressive. We’re not going to push it or rush it, we’ll take it one step at a time at her pace. I bought a potty last night and she’s so excited. It sings and lights up and she already loves to sit on it.

Right now her potty is in the living room so she can get used to it and not be afraid of it. We’ll move it to the bathroom over the weekend. My plan is to set her on the potty without a diaper every time I go to the bathroom and whenever she makes her poop faces.

I don’t have any goals or expectations on when she should be diaper-free, we’re just testing the waters (pun intended).

Wish us luck!


15 Months!


Traumatized after 4 needle sticks. OUCH!

Jax turned 15 months old today and we celebrated with a trip to see her pediatrician for her Well Baby check-up. Of course the visit included shots, 3 of them (yup, we vaccinate) and a blood draw.

My poor, sweet girl cried her heart out.  I know she remembers that horrible exam room from her last visit at 12 months because she clung to me and whimpered the moment we walked in, when just moments before she was happy and hamming it up in the lobby.

She wailed on the scale (I do too) and had a meltdown when they measured her. She’s a big healthy girl, weighing 28.1 pounds, in the 97th percentile for weight and she’s 30.5 inches putting her in the 53rd percentile for height. Way to go biggie!

She’s advanced with her vocabulary, speaking a total of 12 words that I can decipher. Mama, dada, ball, bubble, hi, bye, cat, meow (does that count?), bath, eat, no and stop.

She has 8 teeth and swollen gums in the back indicating molars are on their way.

Did I mention she got 4 needle pokes? I really hate having to hold her down while they stick her. She looks at me with these big, tortured eyes, so confused as to why I am letting them hurt her. I’m pretty sure I was equally traumatized, although I did not cry myself this time. Thankfully they always let me stay in the room as long as it takes to calm her, which is usually pretty quick if I nurse her. She’s such a strong, touch girl.

I really dislike going to her pediatrician’s office, he’s a wonderful man, but I freak about germs and dread the needle sticks. On the other hand, once I have managed to calm my hysterical baby (they let me stay in the room to nurse and soothe her) I always leave proud and smug at all the kudos I get for raising such a healthy, happy girl.

It’s a great feeling.


Happy again because mom is letting her sit on the counter.

Nobody Told Me


When I was pregnant there was no shortage of people telling me what to expect. Reiterating stories about pregnancy, birth and parenting. I recall it all…

  • Morning sickness sucks. Indeed. 
  • Morning sickness isn’t limited to mornings. It wasn’t. 
  • Feeling your baby move in your belly is amazing. Understatement. 
  • Labor is excruciating. MAJOR understatement. 
  • Try a natural birth. Are you on drugs? I know I want to be. 
  • Breastfeeding is important. DUH!
  • It’s ok to supplement with formula. Of course it is, but not for me and my babe. 
  • Cloth diapers are fabulous. I hate doing laundry.
  • You’ll never get a full night’s sleep again. Sometimes I do. 
  • Don’t co-sleep. Too late. 
  • Stop breastfeeding at 6 months. Hush. 
  • Stop breastfeeding at a year. Shut up!
  • Mommyhood is amazing and you will be forever changed. Amazing could never describe this incredible gift I’ve been blessed with. 

I believe that wholly with every beat of my heart, with every breath that I take. Motherhood is miraculously beautiful, but nobody ever told me how hard it is to see your baby grow, to thrive and shed their sweet babyness.

They never said that when my baby rolled over the first time it would make my stomach turn in sadness. They withheld the fact that her first tooth would bring a tirade of tears (from me). Not one person told me that when my baby crawled she was actually taking strides away from infancy or that her first steps would be stab wounds to my heart. Why couldn’t somebody mention that milestones would induce mourning. Mourning the millions of fleeting, precious moments.

And there are so many – so many memories crammed in to minutes and I fret. I worry that I can’t possibly hold on to each memory of this precious child and all the wonderful things she does, every moment of every day.

Why didn’t somebody -anybody – tell me that it’s all so bittersweet? That when my baby becomes a toddler I would long for those first few weeks when I was swimming in an ocean hormones and newborn newness.

It passes too quickly, too painfully fast.

The speed of it all whips my soul to shreds…and then she comes along, this magical memory maker in all her angelic glory and she puts me back together…she reminds me of how truly blessed I am.

She’s healthy, she’s happy, she’s thriving. And with that she is changing….always changing.

I miss my baby, but oh, sweet Lord, do I LOVE this toddler.  



Carrying On About the Carseat


Over the weekend we swapped out infant carrier for a big-girl convertible car seat. I wasn’t ready but it’s been loooong overdue. My poor girl was has long outgrown it and although she is still under the maximum weight she was pretty crunched up.

Funny thing is, I actually bought her convertible car seat when she was about 7 months old, so it has sat in our garage for 6 months. I have been putting off making the switch because Jax falls asleep on car rides and it’s wonderful to not wake her when I get her out of the car. Those days are officially over. Booo hooo!

We went with the Britax Marathon 70-G3 XE in Waverly (it matches my car’s interior perfectly). She’s only had one round trip ride in it so far but she seems to like it ok. My brother installed it for me and he said it was easy. I did have some confusion on how to adjust the straps but figured it out quickly enough. I’ll have to do a full review of it once we have more time to use it.

I am really kinda bummed Jax won’t be in the carrier anymore. It’s what we brought her home from the hospital in and she was just a floppy little nugget. It was fun to see the progression. My love bug is really leaving all her babyness behind and she’s not looking back.

It’s so crazy how these mundane “milestones” can evoke so much emotion.