Stay Tuned!

I know my blogging hiatus has been a bit exaggerated. Moving does that to you – sucks the life right out of you – and it’s taken motivation and inspiration along with it. 

For example, we’ve been in our new house for over two weeks now and I have cooked dinner only twice! Yup, you read that correctly -TWICE!

That is a lot of take-out and even more feelings of guilt. I am such a worthless slacker these days. 

My plan was to come back in full force today, but my baby, Jax is under the weather with a terrible cough and refused to nap today. We had lots of snuggle time and tantrums so I put my brain to bed with my sickie baby – both can use some rest.

But, no more excuses. I will be back tomorrow. 

See you then. 

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