Let Me Help You Warm Up

I live in Phoenix, Arizona – land of eternal sunshine.

Today I was cold.

I shouldn’t complain since pretty much every state east of AZ is under a deep freeze – temperatures in the 20’s, teens and (shudder) below freezing! How is that livable?

It was 67 degrees when I was running errands this afternoon and I was kicking myself for not putting on my gloves.Β Seriously. Gloves.

I am the definition of desert rat – thin blood, Arizona born and bred, anything below 80 degrees, I call chilly. Snow is not for me. Cold is not for me.

But cold weather grub, like soup is definitely for me. I eat it in August when I crying about how hot I am. Β So here is a little re-visit of two of my most blog posts – recipes for soup! A super easy creamy loaded baked potato soup and a hearty lemon chicken with orzo. Both are yummy and sure to warm you from the inside out. Stay inside and make a pot of one or both.

Keep warm….and if you must venture into the subzero temps, don’t forget your gloves!

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