Looking through old photos today and came across these two that made me smile.


What a tub! This has got to be one of my all-time favorite pictures ever taken of her. It is so quintessentially Jax, all pudge and preciousness. Lovin’ the little smirk on her face. She’s only about 6 months-old here but she hasn’t changed a bit. I just want to grab her outta this picture and squeeze that chubbiness.

mommy and me

Look at that cutey. Don’t you think the baby is adorable too? Just kidding. Jax was barely 3 months-old here and it seems like only yesterday she was this tiny. I miss her at this age. I miss her at every age she’s been. Isn’t it our jobs as mommies to wish our 18 month-old was still 12 months old, wish our 12-month old was still 6 months old, wish our 6 month old was still newborn? And two minutes later wish they were old enough to sleep through the night, make their own breakfast and be potty trained!Β 




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