Is it Really Christmas Tomorrow?


Luckily the photographer snapped a shot a split second before the full fledged fit started.

How is it possibly Christmas already? I just started my Christmas shopping on last Friday and wrapped it up today. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.

I also waited until today to take Miss Jacquelyn to see Santa. Daddy and I actually took her on Sunday evening but the line was outrageous and I was pretty sure Jax (or me) wouldn’t be able to handle the two hour wait. So today I ventured out with her solo to see the big guy. I taught her to say “ho, ho, ho!,”dressed her up in her holiday finery and hoped for a shorter line.

We were in luck! The wait was only about 45 minutes and when Jax saw Santa she got the biggest smile on her face. She walked right up and said “ho, ho!” and jabbered her sweet nonsense to him. I was positive she was ready for his lap!


The moment I plopped her down she lost it. Her body went rigid, her back arched and she let out the most horrific shriek I have ever heard her make. Then she started grunting/growling, she even had some drool on her chin. She was not having Santa. When I picked her up she immediately went silent, her huge smile came back and in her sweetest chirp she said “bye” to him with a cute little waive.

Wow! Talk about bi-polar.

Everyone nearby in line got a kick out of her immediate change in demeanor and started laughing. This of course thrilled her so she hammed it up even more with silly giggles, waves and salutations of “hi,” “bye,” and “ho, ho, ho” to the crowd.

My child.

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