It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

Our halls were decked over the weekend and I am exhausted. I cleaned the house before decorating and now I feel like it’s messier and in more disarray than before. This is the first year in quite some time that we haven’t had a real tree, but with my curious wild child always getting into something, I figured fake was our best bet.

I could just see Jax tipping the tree, drinking the water, eating the loose pine needles. It would be a literal nightmare before Christmas. As it stands, she is constantly pulling ornaments off and running around the house waving them in the air, hollering “ball, ball!” Then she tosses the “ball” to the side and goes back for another. I guess I should have just decorated the top half, out of her reach. Good thing they are shatterproof!

Shoulda, woulda, coulda…..didn’t, so I will just have to live with Christmas ornaments scattered around my house for the next few weeks.

I got our tree at Target during a late night run with daddy on duty while Jax slept. This, after I bought a defective tree at Hobby Lobby that still needs to be returned. Man, I wish they were open on Sundays. How many times have I gone to Hobby Lobby on a Sunday afternoon and only remembered they were closed when I saw the empty parking lot. Bah, humbug.

I also gift wrapped the photos and artwork on our walls to add more festive flare. I love doing this, such an easy, inexpensive way to liven up your decor for special occasions and holidays. I did it for Jax’s birthday party and all our friends raved at the great idea. I felt pretty smug and do again as I look at my handy work. Since this will be up for a few weeks I selected wrapping paper that coordinated well with our furniture and regular home decor, deep red and gold.

I did the wrapping while Jax napped and nothing is more priceless than her tiny gasps of excitement as she saw the shiny paper and pretty bows or her twinkling eyes,captivated by the sparkle and lights. I even find it endearing when she pulls the ornaments off, her enthusiasm makes it all worth it. It really feel like Christmas around here.


We woke up early to decorate for Christmas. Jax was pretty impressed with the ornaments and lights.


She couldn’t wait to get her little paws on them. Here she is breaking in to the box before I was ready for them.


Taking a breather between episodes of destruction. She was entranced with the lights on the tree.


Isn’t this Santa head awesome. I got it last year at Hobby Lobby’s after-Christmas sale. Paid like $3 for it! Score.


Gift wrap your pictures and artwork for inexpensive, but oh-so-effective holiday decor!


Be sure to adorn your hung “presents” with pretty bows. Dollar Tree has great bows, big, puffy and pretty and only a dollar!


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