A New Knee for GG


For years now my mom has been in excruciating pain due to arthritis in her knees. It’s bone on bone in both and she has needed a knee replacement for awhile; however doctors were reluctant to do it because she has a compromising shoulder injury that could prevent her from being able to use a walker, thus hindering rehab.

The pain in her knees is so bad she has become depressed to the point of needing medications and it has started to affect her blood pressure and heart. It’s been very hard to see my mom endure this.

Harder still is how badly her pain has affected my relationship with her. I have always, always been very close to my mom but her pain and depression have caused her to become constantly short and moody. I try to remember that it’s not her fault but our bond has definitely weakened. I’m ashamed of this. Very heart breaking.

I love my mommy.

Mercifully, her doctor finally approved the surgery and she checks in the hospital today for a total knee arthroplasty. I know this is a very common, pretty routine surgery but I am worried. She isn’t young and mobile or particularly healthy but the doctor says her health should improve tenfold with the surgery and will deteriorate without it. She can become more active and live happier without the pain. She will need to have the other knee done in a few years but this is a start. I just want my mom to enjoy her life again.

Please keep my mama in your prayers for a successful surgery, rehab and recovery.

Jax and I love and need. And even though I see her regularly I miss my mom so much.


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