Brrr! Basting and Burlap.

We have finally had a weather change here in Phoenix. No more warm sunny days of 85 degrees; it’s the end of November and it feels a bit like fall (by AZ standards at least). It’s been rainy and gloomy for three days now…brrrr! It’s so weird that one day we had the AC on and literally 12

Jax let us all sleep in yesterday until almost 11 a.m. Holy lazy! The hubs and I are night owls, normally not in bed until the wee hours of the morning so sleeping later than 8-9 a.m. is a most welcomed gift. I think we all needed that extra rest, lots of runny noses in our house. The rapid weather change can do that to ya!

I went to a really fun craft class where I learned to make a cute burlap tree that I will use as my Christmas table centerpiece. I came close to losing my patience while making said tree but I am so happy I kept going because the end result is so cute. It actually was an easy project; but my domestic capabilities end in the kitchen – I DO NOT SEW! I could barely thread the needle without dropping a few curse words in frustration. Then they kept talking about “basting,” I thought that was something you do to a turkey! But hey, you learn something new everyday – basting in terms of sewing is a loose, uneven, removable stitches.

So we had to baste yards of burlap ribbon so we could then bunch it up to make ruffles. Once that was done we wrapped it around a cone and secured it with staples! How easy is that? I really wish I was craftier, then I’d make bunches of these and give them as gifts!

I also saw Catching Fire over the weekend. Love!


Basted Burlap Ruffles


My tree. I had to baste 12 yards of burlap and that was a pain in the butt. But I love my tree. I need to add some finery and flair before I put it on display on my table. Cute though, right?


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