Abbott’s ZonePerfect Greek Yogurt Bars Review


Abbott’s ZonePerfect’s Greek Yogurt Bars are a busy-mama-must! From swim lessons to baby gym to play dates I’m always on the go and I admit I’m guilty of skipping meals. Problem is, later on I find myself gorging. I know it’s not healthy, yet I do it anyway. I’ve always done it and now as a mama it happens all the more often.

Our recent purchase of a Vitamix blender has helped me in this area, allowing me to make a quick smoothie to substitute a meal. Trouble is, I have yet to find a protein powder I like for said smoothies. And frankly, some days it doesn’t even feel like I have time to blend some fruit together.

Enter Abbott’s ZonePerfect Greek Yogurt Bars.

One bar has 12 grams of protein and gives me the fulfillment and satisfaction as I would get polishing off a two-egg omelette, without the cracking, whipping and flipping!

ZonePerfect’s Greek Yogurt Bars come in three delicious flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla Berry and Raspberry. All flavors have a thick, rich coating of Greek Yogurt giving  them a unique, wholesome decadence. My favorite is the chocolate, satisfying and just sweet enough to taste like the naughty decadence of a candy bar. Yum! The other two flavors are pretty tasty too, but as apparent in my hips, I am a sucker for chocolate. With a ZonePerfect’s Greek Yogurt Bar in chocolate I can indulge without the guilt.

In addition to the whopping amount of protein, each ZonePerfect’s Greek Yogurt Bar has three grams of fiber. Fiber is something most folks can use more of. including me!

These bars are perfect to grab and go. I’ve got one of each flavor stashed in the diaper bag so I can combat hunger or simply have a snack when I’m out and about.

ZonePerfect offers nutrition bars in 27 different flavors but the Greek Yogurt variety variety are worth a try. You can find them in the nutrition aisle of select grocery, drug and mass merchandise stores. You can also shop for them online at

Photo Courtesy of Abbott’s ZonePerfect

Photo Courtesy of Abbott’s ZonePerfect

I was not financially compensated to write this review. ZonePerfect sent me samples of their Greek Yogurt bars to try for review purposes. All opinions stated here are entirely my own. 

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