I’m A Hot Mom!


Photo Courtesy of Spa Week Daily.

I don’t mean to brag (well, maybe I do) but I am a Hot Mom. And it’s official too!

Recently I was invited to become a member of the Hot Mom Spa Squad for Spa Week Daily. This is a HUGE deal and the opportunity would not have found me if not for my readers, so thank you!

This is great news for you as readers as well! There is opportunity for giveaways with Spa Week as well! Be sure to “Like” Spa Week on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for lots of great spa related news and information.

You’ll be seeing me there on occasion as well; as a Hot Mom I will be contributing original content for publication on Spa Week Daily. In fact, I just kicked it off with this feature on 6 Life-Changing Uses for Coconut Oil. Check it out!

Please help me out by giving me ideas for articles. Is there a spa treatment you’d like to learn more about? Perhaps I can investigate for you. Or do you know of any natural or DIY health and beauty tips? Let me know! Comment below or email me directly at yaybabyblog@gmail.comΒ with your input!

I am so excited to be a Hot Mom!

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