November Already?


It may be 90 degrees in November but my little fashionista is already rockin’ her boots with the fur! In a diaper of course, because we don’t want her to drop it like it’s hot (outside). Ok, my hip hop humor is over! Can you believe her grandpa picked these out for her? Great job pops!

Four days into the 11th month and we’re still blasting our AC! Only in AZ. Over the weekend we went to an outdoor a holiday shopping/craft event and it was hot, like 90 degrees hot. Made shopping for Christmas seem a little weird. When we left I stripped Jax down to her diaper before strapping her in because she was sweaty, bright red and on the verge of a heatstroke (not really but she was pretty hot).

Oh, well – I’ll take warm autumn days spent by the pool over frigid, numb, tootsies and shoveling snow and day.

‘Tis the season!

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