Pumpkin Patch Kid

ImageWe braved the 85 degree autumn weather over the weekend with a trip to Tolmachoff Farms. The scorching sun made frolicking through the pumpkin patch a little sweaty but we loved seeing Miss Jax enjoy the freedom of running on the farm.

ImageShe loved the Corn Box.

ImageThings got a little corny.

ImageHay. Hay. Hay!

ImageFarm girls mustย accessorize appropriately for tractor riding. Don’t forget the Cheeto smile to match her shirt.

ImageThe Princess of Pumpkins waving at her minions.

ImageShe really loved this corn box. She practiced her swim strokes, made corn angels and rolled around happily. I’m thinking we may need to buy a sandbox and fill it with corn instead of sand. Do you think that would encourage a rodent infestation?

ImageThe farm had a petting zoo but Jax wanted nothing to do with it.

If you’re in Phoenix or the surrounding cities I suggest a trip to the west side of town for a visit to Tolmachoff Farms. It was busy but we didn’t have to wait in any long lines for food or activities and there was plenty of toddler friendly fun!

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