Our Shining Star


Plans fell through for both daddy and I tonight so we made a last minute decision to go out to dinner. Jax’s recent displays of explosive toddler “emotions”…aka tantrums, have left us pretty reluctant to leave the house with her. Due to the late notice we decided to take her with us instead of pawning her off on GG.

I assured my husband she would be fine but I was pretty sure we’d be leaving mid-meal with our food to go and a wailing baby. I should never underestimate the awesomeness that is Jacquelyn.

I don’t mean to brag, but…

My Jax shined like a diamond. We had her out well past her quiet time (the hour before we start her bath/bedtime routine) but she amazed us and awed all those in our general vicinity.

Instead of impatient grunts we were treated to squeals of delight. There were no cries and flailing arms only laughter and happy waves to everyone she saw.

What a charmer.

I think we got the hostess in trouble because she was so enamored with Miss Jax she ignored her duties to sit at our table and fawn over our child. She begged us for the opportunity to babysit and she was so great with Jax we just might consider it.

Is that weird?

Waitresses from other stations came to see our happy girl and even the young busboys made stops to give her high fives.

I love to see my tootsie happy and tonight she was pure sunshine.

On our way out Jax stole the heart of yet another random stranger. The woman was quite taken with Jax. Her kind words about our baby girl were heart warming and sweet and assured us we are doing something right to have such a happy, outgoing child.

Yay, Team Fuchs!

Daddy and I left the restaurant in shock at how well our daughter had behaved. Both of us marveled at how much positive attention she commanded. We were beaming with pride and excitement.

Our girl. How lucky are we to have her.

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