Carrying On About the Carseat


Over the weekend we swapped out infant carrier for a big-girl convertible car seat. I wasn’t ready but it’s been loooong overdue. My poor girl was has long outgrown it and although she is still under the maximum weight she was pretty crunched up.

Funny thing is, I actually bought her convertible car seat when she was about 7 months old, so it has sat in our garage for 6 months. I have been putting off making the switch because Jax falls asleep on car rides and it’s wonderful to not wake her when I get her out of the car. Those days are officially over. Booo hooo!

We went with the Britax Marathon 70-G3 XEΒ in Waverly (it matches my car’s interior perfectly). She’s only had one round trip ride in it so far but she seems to like it ok. My brother installed it for me and he said it was easy. I did have some confusion on how to adjust the straps but figured it out quickly enough. I’ll have to do a full review of it once we have more time to use it.

I am really kinda bummed Jax won’t be in the carrier anymore. It’s what we brought her home from the hospital in and she was just a floppy little nugget. It was fun to see the progression. My love bug is really leaving all her babyness behind and she’s not looking back.

It’s so crazy how these mundane “milestones” can evoke so much emotion.


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