We made a rather extravagant splurge last weekend – a VitaMix blender. A few of my friends have been raving about their’s and I gotta admit I was feeling kinda jealy.

We had no intentions of buying the Cadillac of blenders when we made our monthly trip to Costco — diapers, wipes and paper towels topped our list. But they were having a VitaMix roadshow and we stopped to watch the presentation, and well….

There has been no “buyers remorse” at all!

We have made smoothies twice a day since our purchase. Healthy ones too, all fruits and veggies, with no dairy, or sugar or juice. The hubs and I are kinda obsessed with smoothies and we frequented Jamba Juice, that coupled with my penchant for pricey iced mochas and we were spending a fortune. This will pay for itself with the money we’re saving in no time.

Jax is loving it too. She is such a great eater but when it comes to veggies she will only eat peas, corn and green beans. But today we shared a pineapple spinach smoothie as an after-breakfast treat and she loved every drop. Yesterday it was strawberry zucchini. YUM!

Needless to say you might be seeing some smoothie recipes here every now and then and I’d love it if you’d share yours with me!

Oh, and I am looking for a good, flavorless, non-soy protein powder. Any suggestions?

One thought on “Blended

  1. I so LOVE my Vitamix, too!!! Best purchase ever! Make soup— it is incredible!! In terms of protein, I really love dymatize gourmet whey protein, but I don’t think they have a flavorless version. It is very blend-able and is a great base for shakes, smoothies, etc. I also use an egg white protein I buy at Fry’s in the health/organic section. It is vanilla, but very plain.

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