Way Back Wednesday – My Gender Reveal Party


I am jumping on the social media bandwagon of reminiscing with my rendition of Way Back Wednesday.

Today we will be remembering that time (not so) long ago when my spunky, stubborn baby girl was baking in my belly and only the hubs and I knew she was a girl.

The theme of this gender revealing fete was “What Will I Bee?” Take a look at how we told our family and closest friends that our world would soon be filled with sugar and spice and everything nice.


We chose the filled cupcake route. When guests bit into the decadent cake they got a mouthful of luscious pink cream, signifying a GIRL – Hooray!


Pink Power! The cupcakes were made by Sweet-Stops, the same ladies who did the magnificent butterfly cupcakes for our little girl’s first birthday party.  They do delicious and amazing work and if you are in the greater Phoenix area I highly recommend giving them a try for your next soiree or gathering.


My daddy was so excited to learn his youngest daughter was going to have a daughter of her own. There was lots of emotion and pink frosting kisses after that first bite. Beautiful memories were made that day!



I think fruit is beautiful and I  often use it as a focal point on buffets. For this celebration I piled plump, red strawberries on a large white serving platter and tumbled in a few white chocolate bees. It made for a vibrant and lovely edible centerpiece.


Wow! That was one big belly I had. I made the shirt using iron-on letters and a bee decal I bought at Hobby Lobby.


These are Jax’s very first pair of shoes. They served as decor at this celebration and sat perched right next to the tower of cupcakes. I purchased them about eight years before her conception – seriously.

I always knew if I ever had a child she would be a little girl. I knew the baby I carried was a girl before the doctor confirmed it to us. I didn’t need an ultrasound or a pink-filled cupcake to tell me that; my soul and the connection I had with the life growing inside me verified it long before technology or frosting did. And that is why years ago, before I even knew her daddy, I bought these precious pink shoes for my sweet Jacquelyn. I knew exactly what she would be!

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