The BEST Baby Monitor


If you are in the market for a baby monitor, look no further than the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 3.5″ color screen.

You can find this monitor at Babies-R-Us and it is available with one camera or two, you can also purchase additional cameras as accessories so you can watch your baby from anywhere without having to move the cameras from place to place. We opted for the two camera option.

This is the Cadillac of baby monitors and has many great features including infrared night vision, video remote pan, tilt and zoom and room temperature display. It also has two way communication so you can soothe your little one without entering the room – a feature we have used many times. I also just discovered that it plays five lullabies – I never knew this and I’ll have to try that out sometime!

I love the small, portable screen that is just about the size of a cell phone. I can put it on my desk while Jax slumbers and keep my eye on her in the perfectly crisp screen. The microphone is so sensitive that I can hear her heavy sighs and breathing while she sleeps – I love it! The only thing that could possibly make this monitor better would be a time display.

Aside from all the schnazzy features, Motorola provides superior customer service!

Our original Motorola monitor was accidentally broken during the festivities at Jax’s birthday party. I was pretty mad about this because we use it all the time, and while it is well worth the money, it is a little pricey.

I neglected to purchase the warranty plan offered by Babies-R-Us and I had long trashed the receipt. I figured we were out of luck on this and would have to suck it up and buy a new one. I decided to call Motorola directly, figuring the worst they could do was laugh at me.

I spoke to a kind Motorola representative named, Malakai, and explained the situation and my lack of receipts or warranty. I seriously expected a scoff and a “sorry, ma’am we can’t help you” but instead was surprised (and elated) when Malakai offered to send me a brand new system, free of charge.

This offer was made without any sort of proof of purchase on my end. I simply read him the serial number and he opened up a claim and ordered me a new one. About two weeks later the new monitor arrived. Motorola even included a pre-paid shipping label to return the broken unit back to them without any charge to me.

Truly, nothing beats a great product that is backed by outstanding customer service. I was ready to purchase a refurbed monitor (if that was an option) and instead I got an entirely new system with absolutely no hassle at all.

Thank you Motorola! We will be using this awesome monitor for years to come and I will be touting it to my mama friends and everyone I know who is expecting!

I was not financially compensated in any way to write this review. I purchased this monitor months ago and was quite pleased with it, then I received outstanding customer service and decided to share my experience. All opinions stated here are 100% my own. 

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