Sharing is Caring


I have been surfing the web tons lately, always on the lookout for mommy must-haves, cuteness, stuff for my Jax and of course, inspiration. I’d like to share some of the great sites I’ve found.

Babi-kini “my first bikini,” makes of the most adorable swim wear for babies and tots I have ever seen. I can’t even handle the awesomeness, not even close to handling it. String bikinis for my chubette – I die! I will definitely be ordering the camo one for my Jaxie, and it’s a toss-up between Charm School and Americana and maybe…Zebra. The preciousness clouds my decision making abilities. And a girl can never have too many swimsuits, we do live in Arizona after-all,  so the purchase would be justified (decision made). They offer equally cute full-cut bikinis and one pieces too.

Crew & Lu. Ummm…can we say awesome overload? SAY IT! The cutest rompers, leggings and moccasins – ever! EVER, people. I have been coveting the Dandelion Romper for Miss Jacquelyn for weeks now. I may have to forgo one of those bikinis and splurge on it. And the moccasins…Do. Not. Get. Me. Started. on how friggin’ fantastic those are. The designer behind this uber-chic baby wear is also a fantastic blogger with absolutely amazing style. I may have a girl crush, but don’t tell anybody.

Carly Megan Shop. Hipster baby central with more crazy cute leggings (gasp! look at the ones with antlers!) bandanna bibs and uniquely printed onesies, all hand-made. Too. Much. Fun. 

Kara’s Party Ideas. Perhaps not new to most, but an inspirational site none-the-less. I have spent hours perusing the parties featured on this site (when I should be sleeping) and ideas fill my head, making me giddy and anxious for the next occasion to celebrate – Wednesday sounds good to me! The creativity of some people simply amazes me and I hope to someday be invited to a party as lovely as some of these…or maybe to throw one myself. If you have a party, big or small to plan, I highly suggest stopping by. WOW!

Bugs and Honey. Do you have a little girl? Yes? Then you NEED to visit this shop for hand-made super sassy, highly fashionable hair accessories. Again, my decisions are wobbling, there is just too much adorableness to choose only a few. But Jax will be sporting some of these headbands, clips and bows very soon. I’m favoring the Pink Stripe Mink (squeal), the Rose & Ivory Snap Clip Set (delight) and HI Red Hibiscus (glee). Ooh, they have bow ties for the geek-chic little boys too.

Squishy Cheeks. I have mentioned this shop before. They made Jax’s Piggy Petals for her birthday ensemble. I have since purchased several more pairs and will be making another order soon. Jax has been living her life in these barefoot sandals and we are constantly being stopped so folks can admire her tootsies! And the designer is absolutely the sweetest! I can’t rave about Piggy Petals enough – sassy, sweet, cute, comfortable for the wearer, they stay on and they are super affordable – they run like $5-$8 a pair. 

I have a few pairs of Piggy Petals by Squishy Cheeks to give away. Help me reach 300 likes on Yay Baby’s Facebook page (almost there) and I’ll host a random drawing, picking 3 winners to receive a pair of Piggy Petals. Share the page with your friends, sharing is caring, after-all.

If you know of any other cute products or great sites please share them in the comments section.

I was not compensated in any way to endorse these websites or their products. All opinions are my own. 

4 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring

    • Hi Tressa – Yes! We love Crazy 8 and Children’s Place – much of my girl’s wardrobe comes from both! They have such fabulous sales. And OMGoodness the cuteness of Elena Rose Bowtique is almost intolerable! Thank you SOOOO much for the heads up on that adorable shop – I squealed when I saw the yellow chevron petti romper – I may be placing an order soon. LOVE!

    • Hello Miss Uyen! So excited you saw the post and even left a comment. Woot. You are so very welcome. I adore your designs and blog. Expect an order from me soon. My love bug will rock the dandelion romper. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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