Baby Mine


From the very beginning of my pregnancy with Jax, my husband and I would play music for my ever expanding belly. We loved seeing her roll and kick with excitement of the songs she recognized. Amazing.

One of her (our) favorites was Bette Middler’s rendition of Baby Mine.

In the hospital, when Miss Jacquelyn was first born we used to pull the video up on Tim’s iPhone and lean it up on the side of her crib so she could see. She’d become still and transfixed on the screen and we knew she recognized the melody. It used to give me the chills. Truly miraculous.

As time went by she lost interest in lullabies and it’s been months since we’ve played the song for her…until tonight.

This evening at bedtime Jax had a meltdown. She wasn’t showing signs of discomfort but something had her really upset. She cried throughout her bath, something she normally loves. When daddy brought her to me her whimpers continued. She whined while she nursed and took pauses to voice her unhappiness. I took her to our bedroom and laid down with her, her tiny body tossed and turned and the crying continued.

She kept snuggling against me only to get up and roll the other way. I knew this display was the result of being overtired and she was having difficulty relaxing.

So I pulled up You Tube on my iPad and played Baby Mine. She immediately settled against me and fixated on the video. I felt her little body melt against mine and she was asleep before the song was over. I wondered if she did somehow remember thsi beautiful song after all these months – I certainly did. Sweet memories of when my precious girl was born overwhelmed me and I played the song again and I fell asleep too.

I woke up three hours later a little irritated because nighttime is the only time I have to get our house back in order after Hurricane Jax and it’s when I post here. But how can I stay angry when I had three restful hours snuggled with my love bug, so here I sit at 2:20 a.m.

Thanks Bette, for that beautiful song!

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