I Eats Me Spinach


Jax had a routine blood test at her one-year well baby check-up and the results came back showing she is slightly anemic. Boooo!

I was pretty shocked by this diagnosis – Jax is a pleasingly plump (95th percentile in weight), very energetic, eats anything, still-breastfed, picture of health toddler. I was sure she was getting sufficient nutrients and beat myself up mentally over the news that she wasn’t. Although I know anemia is common and easily treatable in babies and children, I still felt guilty for failing to properly nourish my daughter.

After further discussion with her pediatrician he was able to identify that her anemia is likely caused by thalassemia, a genetic blood disorder.

Thankfully, Jax has thalassemia minor, which is relatively harmless and requires no treatment. Her doctor initially wanted to prescribe an iron supplement for the anemia but decided against doing so once it was determined the thalassemia was the culprit of the abnormal hemoglobin counts. He simply advised me to add more iron-rich foods, like spinach to her diet.

I thought this would be easier said than done but I was pleasantly surprised. Jax has scrambled eggs for breakfast every morning, so I figured this would be the easiest way to get her to eat some greens. She likes her eggs, but more often than not, half ends up on the floor or chucked across the counter at me (she’s naughty). Not the case with her green eggs (no ham). She devoured every last bit — the floor beneath her was clean and no eggs ended up in my hair or on my clothing. Yay spinach! Yay baby!


Next, I plan to make her a smoothie with blueberries and spinach and maybe some kale thrown in for extra nutrients. And maybe I’ll break out the old juicer and make her some veggie juices. She’ll drink anything out of a straw.

How do you get spinach, leafy greens and other veggies in to your kiddos? I need some ideas.

ImageA little hesitant at first upon seeing the strange hue of her morning eggs. 

4 thoughts on “I Eats Me Spinach

  1. Marina sauce disguises spinach beautifully I got my roommates ten year old and eight yearold nieces to eat raviolis with spinach they never guessed what the green good stuff was lol

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