Party Time – What She Wore (and special offers too!)


Since a first birthday is a very big deal in our house the ensemble for such an occasion has to be pretty special.

I searched high and low for the right outfit, Macy’s, Buy Buy Baby, The Children’s Place, etc. and found many cute dresses but for some reason I passed on them all.

Jax’s party attire had to be perfect, coordinated to the theme and comfy too. Most of the party dresses I found were all wrong. And so I looked to Etsy and found just what I was looking for…a petti romper from Patti Cake Bowtique.


Patti Cake’s offers a variety of adorable petti rompers in vibrant color combinations. I was smitten with the babies modelling them and knew one would be perfect for Jax to wear at her party. Her petti rompers come in several sizes and they are soft and super stretchy so Jax was able to wear it for her entire party – playing, crawling around and being passed around from guest to guest. And it fit like a glove so my munchkin truly looked like a living doll.

Even better it came with a matching headband! I had the choice between a feathered headband or one with a flower. I chose the latter and loved it! It matched the romper to a tee with a realistic silk flower and rhinestone center that made it fancy enough for Jax’s special day. Lovely, just lovely!


Check out Patti Cake Bowtique for a wide array of colorful headbands for any occasion. Or message her for something custom made. And in celebration of Jax’s birthday Patti Cake Bowtique is offering Yay Baby! readers 15% off any purchase now through the end of August! Use HAPPYBIRTHDAYJAX15 at checkout to receive your discount.


ImageCan you believe I completely forgot about what Jax would wear on her feet for her party until just days before? Again, it had to be perfect and special. So guess, where I looked?

You got it…Etsy! There I stumbled upon Piggy Petals from Squishy Cheeks. In my haste to get something on time I messaged Lauren at Squishy Cheeks and explained my dilemna and sent her a picture of Jax’s ensemble. She rushed out a pair of Piggy Petals that matched Jax’s petti romper so perfectly you would think they were purchased together. I was amazed.

The Piggy Petals are so adorable on chubby baby feet. I melted every time I saw my baby girl’s pudgy, flowered feet. Jax loved them herself and kept pointing at them to show them off. She never once tried to take them off so I knew they were comfortable.

I seriously LOVE these and will be ordering a pair in black, yellow and possibly white very soon.

You can pick your choice of color for the flower and ribbon elastic to create the perfect pair for your little princess. Her color selections are amazing, vibrant and bright!

Squishy Cheeks also has a line of waterproof burp cloths and blankets, all super adorable! And they are offering 10% off any purchase to Yay Baby! readers. How cool is that? The offer expires at the end of July so check out Squishy Cheeks today! Use promo code JUL10YB to redeem the discount. The promo code will work on the Squishy Cheeks Etsy site and also at


I was not compensated in any way to right this post. All opinions and statements are 100% my own. Patti Cake Bowtique and Squishy Cheeks are offering a discount to Yay Baby! readers. 

7 thoughts on “Party Time – What She Wore (and special offers too!)

  1. Wonderful blog! Your little babes is adorable and would have been beautiful it whatever she wore, but I LOVE her entire ensemble! So glad our Piggy Petals were able to add the final touch. My little girl’s birthday is coming up in September and I will definitely be checking out Patti Cake Bowtique!
    Lauren~Squishy Cheeks

    • Hi Sue! Thank you. I loved them and was so happy my daughter left them on! They are great quality and pretty inexpensive and with the discount I am offering they are a steal! If there is a little diva princess in your life I highly recommend them!

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