Party Time

ImageYesterday was Jacquelyn’s (official) first birthday party. Hooray.

Let me take a minute to pat myself on the back – it was an awesome success. I have seriously been thinking about this event since I first found out I was pregnant. I stalked Pinterest, lived on Etsy, Google searched first birthday party ideas and lurked on many party blog sites, all before my second trimester. And to say I have been obsessed over the past month would be an understatement (I think the Hubs wanted to have me committed).

I tried to make every detail special (win!) while staying within a budget (whoops!) and although I stressed more than what should be considered normal, everything looked the way I envisioned and Jax could not have been more excited. It was worth every penny spent and every spazz attack I had just to see her light up when she saw her friends and family all in one place, to see her clap and shriek in glee at all the color and excitement. It was even worth the backache and exhaustion I am feeling as I type this.

Tune in all week for the adorable details – from the food to the decor to the precious, color-coordinated ensemble she wore. I will even include some special promotional offers so you can do a better job at staying within a budget than I did. Yay Baby!

And speaking of special offers – don’t forget about the discount being offered by The Fancy Type Company -10% off (min. $60) to all Yay Baby readers. Use coupon code Jax10FT at Checkout. You definitely want one of those one-of-a-kind, custom created chalkboard signs at your next special event!

ImageThis girl is EX-CI-TED! Why you ask? Because she had just woken from a nap to get ready to par-tay! Just one look at that face and you know it’s going to be good.


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