Scenes From a Birthday

ImageHi! I’m a big girl now. I’m ONE!

ImageI’m so happy…and cute to boot!

ImageI think I’ll just relax on my coach’s lap. I like her. 

ImageNow that I am one year old I might consider walking….might. For now I’ll just keep crawling.

ImageI can stand but walking? Not so sure about that. Too dangerous. 

ImageThat kid behind me is kinda cute. His name is Max…mine is Jax…isn’t that cute?

ImageYeah, it’s my birthday and I got these awesome moccs. I’m too cool. 

ImageI’m not in to sharing my toys! But I’ll share my birthday with my friend Mayes! We turned one on the same day. Hooray. 

ImageThis is the cake my mom made for me to share with my family. Here we go again with the sharing!

ImageStrawberries and blueberries are two of my favorite foods so my mommy put them on my cake in the shape of flowers. She really loves me. 

ImageShe also made this little cake. ALL FOR ME! Grandpa blew out the candle for me and mommy made my wish.

ImageAt first I just wanted those yummy blueberries. 

ImageThen I decided to go in for a bite. Mmmmmmm….

ImageIt was pretty delicious. 

ImageAnd by “delicious,” I mean “really delicious!” Like good enough to save on my face for later or wear as a goatee. 

ImageThis cake was so good I decided to smash it. I mean it can’t look pretty AND taste delicious. That wouldn’t be fair. Only I can be beautiful and sweet all in one. 

ImageI’m feeling a little sheepish about the mess I made.

Yay! I LOVE birthdays! How long until the next one?

2 thoughts on “Scenes From a Birthday

  1. Cute Pictures! Looks like Jax had a great birthday – sad that Mayes couldn’t be at the Little Gym to celebrate with his friends!

    • Hi Erin! We were bummed to miss Mayes too! And even more bummed that he won’t be at our party. Tell him we said HAPPY BIRTHDAY and give him a hug and smooch from me and his birthday buddy, Jax. Enjoy Montana!

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