First Fourth


We hope everyone had a happy holiday. We did. This was Jax’s first Fourth of July – hooray!

We started out our day with breakfast with GG (Grandma Gloria) and Sarah. It was either that or workout – breakfast prevailed – don’t judge, it was a holiday and it has been a long, long time since I have gone out to breakfast (like maybe years). We came home and she and I napped for almost two hours then woke up to swim with daddy.

Miss Jax was a little whiney, which is so out of character for her – teething is such a pain! After a light lunch of pickles and turkey I put her down for another nap, and joined in the siesta again – again, don’t judge – teething is tiring for both of us! When we woke up (after another two hours) it was time to get ready for fireworks!

GG and Sarah joined us for those too! We all went to Cracker Barrel for a late dinner and hung out in their parking lot for the show. Jax was mesmerized – I was in the bathroom when the fireworks began but it was reported back to me that my love bug started squealing excitedly, clapping and pointing when the night lit up.

The display itself was kinda short and relatively disappointing but that worked out for the best because even though she had two long naps, my Jackaroo was up way past her bedtime. That little girl is such a trooper, despite the teething discomfort and the 102 degree heat, she was so happy to be out with mommy, daddy, GG and Sarah – her favorite people on the planet. She basked in the love and attention.

Now my baby girl has experienced all her first holidays.

ImageThat little colorful ball of fuzz she is possessively clutching is her new favorite toy. She snatched it up in the Cracker Barrel gift store and immediately started snuggling and cuddling it. So cute. 

ImageOne look at Jax loving that stuffed thing was all it took for daddy to buy it for her. She hasn’t put it down since. Look at how excited she is with it! Daddy and I named it “Chubs.”

ImageSo tired and still clutching “Chubs.” Poor baby, three hours past her normal wind down/bed time, but still smiling. And darn that “Chubs” from obscuring her dress in all these pictures! I was so excited to dress her in her patriotic best and “Chubs” blocked me from getting any good pictures of her in it!

Anyways…to wrap things up: the dress was cute, teething sucks, mama is lazy, Jax loves “Chubs” and the First Fourth was a success!

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