July 1, 2005


Today is our anniversary, not wedding but to me something just as important. On July 1, 2005, Timothy became a solid and constant fixture in my life.

In the eight years since we have experienced so much together. We’ve lived through unspeakable heartache and unconditional love. We have shared moments of undeniable fear and periods of supreme confidence. We’ve overcome sickness and pain. We faced defeat and welcomed triumph. We’ve learned from one another and taught each other. We’ve gotten lost and found our way back home. We made commitments and swore vows. We were touched by death and we created life. We made a home, a family, and a life…together.

The past eight years have been the hardest of my life but they have been the best. Our relationship and marriage is far from perfect but I welcome and cherish every tear shed and every laugh with my husband, my protector, my pillar, my savior, my friend, my love.

Eight years with you by my side, two years of marriage and one year of parenthood. Eight years together and forever to go. I’ll face eternity with you – I know we’d rock it.

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