Welcome to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks


It’s supposed be 119 degrees today. Welcome to sunny Phoenix, or as I call it at this time of year – Hades. Doesn’t 119 degrees sound awesome? Aren’t those of you in cooler clients so jealy? 

119 degrees means that we will not be leaving the house. It means that it will be too hot to enjoy the pool while the sun is still out. It means that clothing will be optional in our house. It means that our air conditioner will run non-stop and we will likely have to take out a bank loan to fund our electric bill at the end of the month. Now are you jealy?

The inferno will last until October, yes, it might cool down to 115 at times but we will be wilting/sweating/crying/whining/sweating/sweating/sweating for another three months – ugh!

Oh well, at least we don’t need to worry about freezes, or floods, or earthquakes, or tsunamis, or tornadoes, or hurricanes…we just worry about the constant threat of heat stroke and possibly spontaneous combustion. Good times.

Hooray for summer in the Valley of the Sun. Wish us Phoenicians luck. 

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