That which we call a rose…

Image“Ahhhhh, I’m screaming because my name was almost Pigeon! Well, kinda.”

So I’m in a bit of a funk today. Hard to believe when I have such a cute, sweet baby who makes me smile pretty much every second…but yes, indeed, I’m feeling funky. So funky I had a case of writer’s block when I started this post. Then I looked to the Net for some inspiration and found it….in the form of a Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had their baby girl and they named her North. This baby girl’s name is NORTH WEST! What were they thinking?

I know celebrities are notorious for unusual, unconventional and downright ridiculous names but I gotta say this is quite possibly the most bizarre out there in my opinion. It’s comical. I honestly find it hard to believe they chose that name with straight faces. North in and of itself is a little more than eyebrow raising, but paired with the last name of West is…unkind.

I may have had a few doozies on my list. I loved Iris when throwing names out there. It was not greeted with much enthusiasm when I told family/friends. I still think the name has a sort of ethereal ring to it but when I look at my baby girl’s face I just don’t see an Iris and I’m thankful I was swayed away from that name.

We also L.O.V.E.D the name Paloma. In fact, for years before we were serious about having a baby together, Tim and I said if we ever had a daughter her name would be Paloma. And we stuck to that until I was late in the throes of pregnancy.

We took much slack for that name as well. Paloma means dove in Espanol and it sounds both exotic and regal to me. But I was told time and again by my Spanish speaking friends/family that it also means pigeon and popcorn. Not something I loved hearing when I was so resolute on the name.

After awhile we decided to add a few additional names to our list of one. Those names were Jacquelyn and Valentina. We discussed them every day. Jacquelyn soon trumped the beloved Paloma and sank Valentina.

We took the naming of our child very seriously – considered what it would be like for her when she was in school and as a career woman. We didn’t want her to be teased growing up and we wanted her to be taken seriously as an adult. And we want her to love her name. So we weighed the options carefully. We also considered nicknames. There is nothing good for Paloma and I wasn’t particularly keen on “Val” or “Tina” for Valentina. I also wasn’t crazy about “Jackie” for Jacquelyn.

Then I threw “Jax” out there and Tim and I knew it would be the perfect name for the baby dwelling in my belly. We thought “Jax” had a spunky, sassy sound and a child of ours is bound to be loaded with spunk and sass.

That’s how Jacquelyn prevailed and was chosen to be bestowed upon our offspring.Β I can’t help but sit and wonder how Kim and Kanye came up with North for theirs. I’m not even sure it’s true (can it be?). I read it on TMZ afterall.

Let’s open this up for discussion. I’d like to know what you named your child/children and how you came up with it. Β Also what were the other names you had in mind? And let’s talk about other offbeat names you’ve heard.

4 thoughts on “That which we call a rose…

  1. My first was named after my Grandfather Alexander Michael. That’s what I had want since I was a kid and Jed liked it too. My second is kinda named after my husband. He wanted him to have the same name and I thought Jed was too plain so we settled to same initials so I started searching J names on the internet and found a polish name we loved. Jedrek. We get lots of is that your name too ect but no it just fell in our laps that way. I’m polish so it was perfect! Jedrek Mitchell. My third boy I was out of ideas so we searched the web once again and found names we liked a narrowed it down to Corbin and Slade. It was in the hight of the Bin Laudin (how ever you spell it) search and I didn’t want his nick name to be bin so I changed the spelling to Corben. So he is Corben Slade. My 4th FINALLY A GIRL!!!! For the longest time was going to be Saryah Tyer (tear) but at the time we started trying for her I had came a cross a book with the name Saren in it and I was on LOVE! and her middle name is Althea after my grandmother. So her initials are SAM. Jed wanted a little girl he could call Sam and I hate the name Samantha so we went the initial route. There you have it. πŸ™‚

  2. Too funny. I think North might be cool with ANY other last name!
    Having the name Jasmine before Alladin came out, I knew what it was like as a kid for no one (including teachers) to ever spell or pronounce my name correctly. To have people say “your name is What?”. Silly now since it has become so popular. When I chose names for my kids, my own name experience was definitely on my mind!
    I liked Chase from the moment I heard it and have never regretted it. Sure there are other Chase’s in his age group, one in his grade at school. At school he is “Chase W” and his best friend is “Chase A”. It bugged me the first year, it doesn’t bug him a bit! They actually relish being “The Chases”.
    I had a very long list of possible girl names for my daughter. I loved Elizabeth, Isabella, Mackenzie and Mischa was one of my faves. A co-worker from Russia told us Mischa was for boys! That really made an impression on my husband. He favored Holly…which having a girl in December named Holly just sounded a little too cliche to me. Finally we found Natasha, and we both loved it. I’m now glad we dodged the “Isabella Bullet” since we usually have more than one Isabella in every kindergarten class, gymnastics lesson, soccer team…but hey we’ve never met a “North”!

  3. Loved this post! I think names are fascinating. And North West is just redic, but I do think the nickname Nori is kinda cute.
    And Iris is one of my top girl names πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Lindsey. Nori sounds cute, but as an avid sushi lover I just wouldn’t feel right about calling my daughter Nori. LOL. And Iris is really a beautiful name. πŸ™‚

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