Ho Hum & Citrus Lane


Today was a ho hum kind of a day. It’s really too hot for any kind of real excitement. Arizona in June is inhumane and downright disgusting. I feel so bad for Jax sitting backwards in the back seat of my oven on wheels, she gets no air. Poor thing.

We did get a little bit of brightness in our sweaty day. Our first Citrus Lane box arrived. We were on our way to Little Gym when I saw it on our door step. I couldn’t wait to get home and check it out.

While the stuff inside was nice, I will admit I was slightly disappointed with it. We will definitely put it all to good use but I guess I was hoping for more toys, or at least cute and exciting ones.

The box that we got was perfectly themed for these stifling summer months. It included:

iPlay reversible sun protection hat. It’s pretty cute – pink on one side, blue with pink flowers on the other. Definitely a pattern I would pick out. And I like that it’s interchangeable for my little fashionista. We swim a lot so it will get some use as long as Jax keeps it on. She is so hit or miss with wearing hats. A quick search on line shows that these sun hats retail at diapers.com for $13. Score.

Haba Water Toy. This is what bummed me out. It’s a plastic bucket with two rings on the handle. Doesn’t seem like too much fun to me but we gave it to Jax during bath-time and she enjoyed dumping water out onto the floor with it. She actually had a meltdown when I took it away. I may be an un-hip mama for saying this, but I am unfamiliar with Haba toys. The description says they are a German toy company that consistently wins toy awards. Dunno. You? Their website shows a picture of the bucket but it looks like it comes with a shovel/scoop thing; ours didn’t come with that. The bucket (with scoop) sells for $10.92.

Happy Munchies Rice Cakes. We love, love, love Happy Family products. We are a Happy Family household. We are very familiar with the brand and have tried lots of the products they carry, including these rice cakes. Jax likes them well enough, they sell for about $3.50 at Target so this was a score too.

Sunny Sunscreen SPF35 by Episencial. I’m looking forward to trying this out. Daddy, Jax and I are in the pool pretty much daily, so a good sunscreen is always welcomed. It’s mineral-based so I’ll feel good about slathering her up with it. The packaging also says it’s free of parabens, gluten, and harsh-chemicals and also cruelty-free, all pluses in my book. There is a sticker on the tube that says it’s a Citrus Lane Exclusive but a visit to the website shows a 2.7 ounce tube of Sunny Sunscreen available for $15. The tube we received is 1.5 ounces.

In all, I am happy with the products we got and I will keep the Citrus Lane subscription. I do hope next month’s box features a better toy item, that bucket just didn’t do it for me (but Jax liked it and that’s what really matters). And although I am pleased with Happy Family products, I hope to receive a snack/food product we are unfamiliar with.

Citrus Lane offers a discount on the first box for new subscribers. So I spent $15 for this box and received my money’s worth in products. Next month I will pay regular price and if the goods compare to this month’s in terms of value, then we will come out ahead again.

Can’t wait to tear in to that box next month – I do love surprises.


I was not paid or compensated in any way to write this post. All opinions stated here are my own.Β 

2 thoughts on “Ho Hum & Citrus Lane

  1. Yes, I was a bit disappointed with the bucket too. It should have come with the scoop, that would have made the toy in my opinion. But the rep at Citrus Lane told me that they divy up the toys and it happened that they didn’t include the scoop with the bucket. I am debating on wheather or not I want to continue.

    • Hi Mary. Weird we didn’t get the scoop. Oh well. I think I will keep the subscription for a bit longer, the value was there and Jax did like the (boring) bucket. I’ll give them another chance. How long have you been getting Citrus Lane boxes?

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