Daddy’s Day

This was the hub’s 20th Father’s Day. Yup, he’s a cradle robber with a 20 year-old and an 11 month-old. Even though he’s had a few of these special days under his belt it was very important to me that this one be particularly special, after all it was his first with Miss Jacquelyn.


He’s had his eye on this bracelet by L. Trapp Fine Jewelry for awhile now. We’re actually friends with the artist and so I was able to have one specially made for Tim. I picked it up on Saturday and I just couldn’t wait for Sunday to give it to him. I gave the little velvet pouch the bracelet came in to Jax and told Tim I found it outside. He was a bit appalled I would actually give strange things I just happen to find to Jax (I wouldn’t) and grabbed it away from her. The look on his face when he realized what it was was priceless. Score!


ImageI also made Tim a fabulously decadent chocolate cake frosted with chocolate buttercream, encased in fudge ganache and adorned with huge chocolate covered strawberries. It was a thing of beauty and took hours to make. Look at my handy work below. I’m good…and not telling the truth.



ImageI cannot tell a lie…I did NOT make that heavenly cake. I actually bought it at Safeway. Who knew they had such masterpieces in the bakery? It was rich, moist and insanely sinful. I think I’ll have a slice as soon as I’m done typing this post.

ImageThis was Jaxie’s present to her daddy. She is pretty much over having her picture taken these days but we managed to get a few cute shots. Notice her legwarmers? They say “I heart Dad.” I found them here. So adorbs.

ImageJaxie, Daddy and I had a yummy lunch at Yard House and totally gorged. We love Yard House. We are so lucky that Jax loves to go to restaurants. She charms the pants off of everyone who sees her and lets us enjoy our meals. I hope this lasts because we eat out a lot.

After lunch we came home for a nap and then took Jax to Grandma G’s house so daddy and I could have a date night. We saw After Earth. I gotta say Jaden Smith looks just like his daddy. The movie was panned by critics but we thought it was great. I’d recommend seeing it.

Mission accomplished on making the day special. I should reward myself with a slice of that cake.

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