Sneak Peek


Jax had her one year photos done a few days ago. So cute.

I elected to have them done at 11 months so they could be professionally framed and on display in time for her birthday party. We commissioned the same ladies who did her newborn photos, they are truly baby whisperers. At her newborn session she refused to stay asleep and at this shoot she refused to sit still longer than four seconds, but this team has all the patience in the world. They captured her sweet sassiness to a tee, along with a few blurs and hilarious outtakes.

I cant wait to get the proofs back but for now, here is a sneak peek at my diapered diva building her portfolio (sorry for the poor quality, they were taken with my phone as I sat in the background watching the mayhem…err…magic unfold).


This Hello Kitty ball was a life saver. It kept her occupied long enough to get a few good poses. This obviously isn’t one of them.


This little turkey would not sit on the back drops but would happily plant herself just off them, making it impossible to photograph her. Note the object clutched in her left hand…it’s a french fry (aka meltdown inhibitor).


I seriously die just a little bit every time I look at this picture. Look at that face. Look at that belly. Look at the meltdown inhibitor still clutched in her hand. And stuffed in her mouth. Oh, and that may just be her giving me the bird. I can’t stand it!

ImageUmmm…I have nothing to say about this one. Caption it yourself in the comments if you please.


I included this picture because that pink ruffled thing she is grabbing for is a petty romper. The very same one she wore in her newborn photo as pictured below. I asked the photographers if they would dig it out for me. I’m not gonna lie – I gotta a little weepy at the sight of it. That teeny petty romper that looked so huge next to her tiny body 11 months ago now would barely fit over her head. SLOW DOWN BABY GIRL – MAMA CAN’T HANDLE THIS!


Isn’t she lovely? Time sure does fly.

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