Early this morning I was awoken by a restless baby. We co-sleep and she tossed and turned all night. I tried to nurse her to calm her down but she refused and seconds later as she lay on her back, I saw purple goop bubbling out of her mouth. Her little shoulders shook and she started to gag profusely. She had thrown up and aspirated a little on it. I quickly sat her up and then the projectile began. Awesome and sorry for the gross out post.

Daddy jumped up and ran to get a bath ready. I got her changed and surprisingly my little bug had a smile on her face. She didn’t look sick at all. Daddy washed off the ick while I changed the bed sheets and took a shower since I was in the line of fire.

Then we all went to the living room to relax. Jax wanted to play but we wanted to keep her calm. So daddy snuggled her on the couch, after a few seconds her facial expression turned to one of confusion, then of concern. And this time daddy was in the line of fire. It was so much, not as much as before but combined was alarming. And not normal.

Jax had never thrown up before, just little spit ups but these were full blown and violent sick sessions. It scared me how much was coming out of her,  abnormal for an adult, let alone a little baby. But my girl never cried or even whined.

After dad got cleaned up and I changed Jax into yet another pair of jammies, we headed to the ER. I was worried about dehydration more than anything else.

We had no waiting period at the children’s ER we went to. We were in a room within three minutes of arrival and saw a doctor after only about five minutes. I didn’t like the doctor.

When he came to the room Jax was happily playing on the bed, excitedly jabbering about her new surroundings. I felt like he thought we were over-reactive parents and he spoke to us with a smirk on his face. He examined Jax and said she looked perfectly healthy, perhaps she ate something that didn’t agree with her or maybe this was the start of the stomach flu. Either way he said she was fine and in no danger of dehydration anytime soon.  And with that he sent us home. We were there maybe a half hour.

Of course this was all a relief but I did not appreciate his smirky delivery of a “diagnosis.” We are concerned parents with a remarkably healthy child who was sick and I felt he should have been a little more caring and a little less snarky. To his credit, I am sure he deals with parents like us and worse all the time.

Anyway, during the whole ordeal I started to feel a little nauseated. I chalked it up to worry over my baby. But when we got home after our good news I still felt off. Jax and I went back to bed and when we woke up two hours later I could barely move. Every part of my body ached, my joints were stiff with pain, my head pounded, my skin felt sensitive and my stomach churned. This wasn’t nerves I was/am sick.

Jax hasn’t thrown up anymore and she is back to her usual happy self, albeit a little more clingy than usual and a little quieter. She has stayed close to me or daddy all day. Grandma picked her up for a few hours so I could rest and so daddy could get some work done. When she came home she was perfectly fine and happy from her visit with grandma and Auntie Sarah. I was actually scared to hold her in my weak state so we laid down together.

I think Jax was able to get all the sick out before it really took hold, I however am the walking dead. And I feel guilty for not being able to play and be active with her.

My girl is a trooper – she hasn’t cried once during any of this and she is still a little off but she doesn’t seem to mind. We are so very blessed with her.

This I’m sure is the first of many similar episodes. But hopefully next time I won’t be sick too. Ugh!


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