Our living room leaked. Actually a sprinkler line sprung a leak underground and the outer wall of our sunk-in living room acted like a sponge and absorbed the water. Jax took a new interest in her “ball-cano” and as I was pulling it out for her, I noticed the wall along the floor board bubbling. A mushy, bubbly wall is a bad, bad thing.

The wall was opened up to expose….mold! Dun, dun, dun! The mold had to be treated, the wall had to be knocked out and rebuilt and that meant Jax and I had to make ourselves scarce. No mold and fumes for these ladies.

Even though Jax’s morning nap was cut short and her afternoon nap never happened she remained a happy girl most of our day, only having a brief teary episode on the drive home, ย after 6 hours of running around in 110 degree heat! She’s awesome.


Our time in exile began with lunch with daddy. Mexican food. It’s adorable to see Jax eat each bean one by one, then smash rice in her face by the fistful. The floor below her highchair was embarrassingly messy. Poor bus boy. Good thing she flirted so he was smitten.

After lunch we dropped daddy off at home. He had to brave the fumes with a mask to meet some deadlines. He works so hard for us. We’re lucky girls.


After lunch we picked up Sarah and took her out for a birthday treat at Sweet Tooth Fairy. She chose a vanilla cupshake – yup – cupSHAKE, which is a cupcake blended with ice cream and milk. A sinful, decadent treat. I wish I didn’t know about them and I wish Sweet Tooth Fairy was farther away from my house. Oh, well.


Jax enjoyed the frosting from a ice-cream shaped sugar cookie and I had this….


Behold…a German chocolate cupcake. I need a 12-step program for my cupcake addiction.


After we awoke from our sugar coma we headed to Dollar Tree to look for party decor. Jax’s first birthday is coming up fast and I don’t even want to think about that! But her party is going to be super A.W.E.S.O.M.E. and so I must think about it. Hard to believe my sweet girl is almost a year-old. Also hard to believe: all the great stuff you can get at the dollar store! I really need to go there more often.

After the dollar store we went to the bank and then T-Mobile. My super sweet baby had a not so sweet moment in which she chucked my phone out of the cart and shattered the screen. She’s cool like that. Even with insurance it will cost $175 to replace. My phone is only three months old, not sure I can go two more years with a shattered screen. I may have to cave and pay. Ugh. Good thing that Jax is so darn cute!

After all our errands, we dropped off the birthday girl and headed to the grocery store to get food for dinner. Cheesey chicken hash! Yum.


I love this stuff. Easy and scrumptious. I will be sharing the recipe in an upcoming post.

Speaking of recipes, I plan to post one on this blog every Wednesday. So be sure to tune-in for edible inspiration.

My little blog is just over a month old now. I’m really enjoying sharing my thoughts and small glimpses of life with Jax with you. I’ve gained some momentum and I’ve got great ideas in the works.

I’m working on more giveaways for Fantastic Fridays and my next giveaway series will commence once Yay Baby hits 10,000 page views. We’re close! I promise the next giveaway will rock so keep visiting me and Jax!

Enjoy your weekend. See you Sunday for something sweet.

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