Happy Birthday, Sarah

Pretty little flower girl. She sparkled on our wedding day.

It’s hard to believe that 8 years ago my mom called me and told me she was bringing home a “baby.” (This is a long and complicated story that will make for an amazing blog post…someday)

I wondered a “baby” what…was she adopting a new pet? Nope, she meant a baby girl….of the human sort. And with that my 56 year-old mother brought home a 3 day-old baby into our family.

That teeny girl has been in our lives ever since. My baby sister, whom I love dearly. She changed my entire outlook on motherhood – before her, I was never the type to “oooh” and “coo” over infants, let alone want one of my own. But this little dynamo changed my heart completely.

Today she is 8 years old. She frustrates me like crazy but I love her like she’s my own child. She inspired and woke up the mother in me. I will always hold a special place in my heart for her for that very reason.

I love you, Sarah. We are lucky to have you in our family. I am lucky to call you my sister. Jax is lucky to have an auntie like you who loves her so much. Be a good influence for her, be someone she can look up to.

You’re beautiful inside and out. Let the goodness shine.

Check out her cutenessΒ here.

Happy 8th birthday, Beastie!

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