Mama Talk: Snack Foods

Berries in the buff. They stain clothes and skin but oh, what a treat!

One of the most frequently discussed topics amongst my group of mommy friends is what we give our babies to munch on between meals. It’s so easy to succumb to convenience and give our kids junk. I try very hard to give Jax wholesome snack foods (although she has had an Oreo or two in her life).

My love bug’s all-time favorite snack is organic, frozen wild blueberries — wild because they are small and I don’t have to worry about cutting them up. She goes CRAZY for them, they’re like tiny frozen juice pops that she can’t get enough of. I simply plop a handful on her tray and she goes to town. They make a huge mess, but I love to see my girl so happy. A less messy treat I give her is frozen organic, mango chunks, but I do have to cut those up in to small cubes.

Any fruit is welcome in my house, Miss Jax loves watermelon, plums, honeydew and pears.

Another fantastic snack I’ve discovered can be found at Trader Joe’s: Cinnamon Apple Snack Sticks. Unlike fruit, these are completely portable and mess-free. I give Jax one for each hand when we head out and I watch her munch quietly in the safety mirror. They have 7g of fat, 100mg of sodium and 4g of sugar per serving – but get this, a serving size is 38 sticks! And while my girl is a hearty eater, she is completely satisfied with 4-6 sticks at a time, so the sodium and sugar doesn’t bother me at all. These crispy, lightly sweet sticks are hollow and very airy so they soften and dissolve quickly, reducing my anxiety over choking hazards. Another plus is that I like them too; I find them slightly addictive and come much closer to eating 38 than she does!

Of course, I also buy the just-for-baby snacks like Happy Baby Munchies (her favorite is the broccoli, kale cheddar flavor), Happy Baby Creamies and Plum Organics puffs and melts, but I do like to talk to other moms about what they like to give their children.

Tell me what kinds of snacks and treats you feel good about giving your munchkins. I’m always on the lookout for new tastes to introduce.


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