“What’s in your mouth?” That is a question frequently asked of Miss Jax.

She’s our human Hoover. I vacuum at least once a day (usually twice) and she still manages to find some speck or crumb to put in her mouth. I bring her in the bathroom while I shower and when I take a peek at what she’s up to, more often than not, she’s got wet toilet paper on her chin, a clue of what she just munched on (Charmin is her favorite).

The same goes when we’re outside – pebbles from the pool deck, grass, leaves – mmmmm. On this particular day, at the playground, it was sand. I guess I could have intervened before it was ingested instead of taking pictures, but she’s just too cute not to photograph.

I usually manage to fish out what’s in her mouth before she actually swallows, but I shudder to think what I’ve missed. That little bugger is quick; she’s got ninja moves when it comes to the idea of eating…anything.

What kinds of crazy things has your rugrat(s) put in their mouth?


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