The Heat is On

ImageIt’s warming up in sunny Arizona and this past weekend we were finally able to enjoy the pool. My little Jax has taken weekly swim lessons since two months old and that baby girl is a fish! Her comfort level in the water is pretty impressive. She likes to go under water and does so well holding her breath. Her confidence is both reassuring and alarming to me and her daddy. I bought her a little pool float so she can paddle off independently (or so she thinks).

Last summer when I was huge and miserable and the 115 degree heat was just as suffocating as my cumbersome pregnant belly, I lived in our pool. Time spent in the water was time my aching body found relief.Β  I remember feeling my baby flip-flop around inside me as I relaxed in the cool water, daydreaming about what she would look like. Now my pretty girl flip-flops around trying to break free of my arms.

We’re looking forward to endless hours spent swimming this summer. I’m pretty sure Jax will master the breast-stroke by July and be qualified for the 2016 Olympics by fall.




As soon as we got out of the pool I dried and diapered Miss Jacquelyn and put a cute pair of BabyLegs on her chubby legs to help warm her up.

There are a few days left to get your comment in on last Friday’s post for a chance at winning one of two BabyLegs prize packs!

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