Mommy Pet Peeve: Please Keep Your Hands Off My Baby Girl

I know I’m adorable but hands off, please.

Being a mother has really mellowed me out. And although my husband swears I have ADD I swear I have finally found the patience that eluded me my first 34 years. Calm can finally be used to describe me.

Except when the following occurs…

1. People assuming my baby girl is a boy. Ugh! So irritating. Yes, she lacks the tell-tale locks that would so easily reveal her gender, but she is pretty much always wearing a dress or something pink or something ruffled. Always super girly and feminine. Even when she has a headband or a giant flower on her head people STILL call her a boy. Completely innocent, I know, but it still bugs me.

2. Strangers touching my baby — big no-no! Now this is something that kills me every time it happens, and if we’re going out, it will most definitely happen at least once. I can handle when a kindly person touches her foot, (although I wish they wouldn’t) but when they touch her hand I get irate! She’s always putting her hands in her mouth and strangers touching them just doesn’t sit well with me. And don’t even ask how angry I get when someone thinks it’s ok to touch her face. Who does that? Let me tell you, lots of people. Would these people approach another adult and start caressing their face?  I just think it’s rude and inconsiderate. I don’t need some stranger’s germs infiltrating my precious girl or waking her up if she happens to be asleep in her carrier or upsetting her (or me) with such brazenness. I know Miss Jax is positively delicious, her rolls and sweet cheeks are so tempting, but back off folks, admire from afar!

Am I overly anal about these things? What are your mommy-hood pet peeves?

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4 thoughts on “Mommy Pet Peeve: Please Keep Your Hands Off My Baby Girl

  1. My pet peeve is when older women make comments about how things should be done. I was once in the grocery store with Cale when he was around Jax’s age. It was a warm 70ish degrees outside, so he was in jeans, a t-shirt, but no socks. In the checkout line, this woman behind us says “ohhh, looks like someone forgot his socks. BRRRR!” I didn’t quite register exactly what she said at that moment so I just kind of smiled and laughed. But once I processed what she had actually said I was so pissed off! Good thing I didn’t see her in the parking lot.

  2. Hair or no hair, she is so pretty, I can’t believe anyone would mistake her for a boy! I understand your frustration because people still mistake Declan for a girl…even when he is dressed all in blue…geeez.

  3. I can’t stand when people try to tell you about your child like they know them better than you. My son had a friend whose parent’s did this constantly! Once they told me that they had been discussing Chase’s glasses and had decided that Chase’s face really didn’t work well with the style glasses he had because of the shape of his nose…Really?! In reality, they just needed to be tightened & we hadn’t made it to the eye dr. that week! Sheesh.

    I’ve got another one…this is for parent’s of older kids. You get to know your kid’s friends, and hopefully their families. You think you have them basically figured out, they seem to have your values, similar home life, etc. Then your kid comes home from playing or spending the night and tells you how so-and-so’s mom let you go saran wrap the neighbors cars at 2am! Who are these people?!

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