My First


To my sweet girl,

My first Mother’s Day was fabulous and it was all because of you, because I’m your mommy. It’s so hard to believe that not so long ago I thought you would never be mine, I thought I’d never have the honor of being a mama. And now I get to be yours. How wonderful. You’re wonderful.

You were such a good girl during brunch at Sassi. Everyone thought you were so adorable and you lapped up the attention just like you lapped up the gelato I gave you. That was yummy wasn’t it? Everything we ate was yummy.

Sassi is very special because it’s where your daddy and I got married. It was very nice to spend my first Mother’s Day there and daddy and I decided it will be our family tradition to celebrate there every year. I really wanted to get a family picture of the three of us on the altar where your daddy and I said our vows, but you’re a stinker and you wouldn’t cooperate and it was too darn hot.

I love you baby girl, you are every wish I ever made come true. Thank you for giving me reason to celebrate Mother’s Day and every day since the day I found out you were on your way. I hope I am the mommy you deserve because you most certainly are perfection and more than I could have ever hoped for; you are my precious dream come to life.

ImageJax enjoying the delicious Sassi Mother’s Day bounty.

ImageThe food at Sassi’s Mother’s Day brunch is amazing. Arugula salad with fire-roasted pineapple, goat cheese and Marcona almonds, basil crusted halibut, gemmelli Bolognese, porcini-rubbed roasted beef loin, and the best bread EVER!

ImageChocolate bread, Italian toast with hazelnuts and Nutella and the best bread EVER!

ImageA sweet delivery from my husband. I hope all you moms out there felt as loved as I did.

ImageReminder: There is still time to leave a comment on last Friday’s post for a chanceΒ to win a $20 Sprinkles gift card. Deadline is 11:59 p.m. (Pacific time). Do it!

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