Fantastic Friday Giveaway! – Sprinkles Cupcakes – CLOSED

ImageAnybody who knows me knows I adore cupcakes. Love them. Hand me a slice of cake and it’s pretty likely I’ll turn it down, but hand me a cupcake I’ll take it, kiss you and ask for another.

Cupcakes are better than cake in the same flavor. There is just something about a cupcake that brings bliss to my being. Maybe it’s the cake to frosting ratio, which in a good cupcake frosting must prevail. Maybe it’s that you can eat the entire thing and don’t have to divide it up and share. Maybe it’s because they are so darn cute. Whatever the reason, they make me happy.

As a cupcake connoisseur, I have visited many, many cupcake joints, locally and on my travels. But I gotta say the one I keep going back to is the granddaddy of all cupcakeries – Sprinkles! They aren’t new but to me they lead the pack in taste, cuteness and customer service, even their packaging is chic.

On a recent outing with my Jackaroo, I made a stop at our local Sprinkles and picked up a half dozen frosted gems to bring home to share with daddy (and we did actually share). The flavors I chose were: Lemon, Coconut, Triple Cinnamon, Black and White, Vanilla and Margarita.


Let’s talk about the Margarita. O.M.Goodness. Literally. Goodness. It’s a vanilla-y, key lime cake with a gentle touch of tequila flavor, not overpowering, just a touch of warmth melding with the sweetness. The whole thing is topped off with a tangy, tart key lime frosting and rimmed with a light crust of fleur de sal. The salt took an already fantastic cupcake to a whole new level and made the cupcake recognizable as margarita flavored. Truly delectable.

The margarita cupcake is only available for a limited time. Now through May 23. Mother’s Day anyone? That is where my little brood will be this Sunday.

Of course the other five cupcakes I brought home were devoured. Jax enjoyed squashing the Vanilla and I loved kissing the smeared sweetness off her face and my husband exclaimed “heavenly” about the Coconut with it’s fluffy plume of coconut flakes. The Black and White is a classic taste with rich dark chocolate cake and buttery vanilla frosting and the Triple Cinnamon packs a punch with warm sweetness and reminded me of cinnamon toast and gave me warm fuzzies. All were moist and delicious with a frosting ratio that met my requirements.



Man, oh man, did I mention that I love cupcakes? And I hope you do too because the fine folks at Sprinkles are allowing me to give some away! One lucky winner* will receive a $20 gift card good at any Sprinkles location.

Want a chance at being that winner? Simply leave a comment on this post telling me what the sweetest part of your day has been. I will randomly select a winner and will announce the name on Wednesday, May 17, 2013 on the Yay Baby Facebook fan page. (You have to “Like” the fan page to find out if you’ve won).

Share this post on Facebook for an extra shot at having your name drawn. Deadline to leave your comment and/or share this post is 11:59 p.m. (Pacific time) on Monday, May 15, 2013.

Good luck and Yay Baby!

*Winner must be US resident. Check for shop locations.

Disclaimer: Β We received no compensation for this blog post. Sprinkles provided the gift card to use as a giveaway. All opinions are 100% my own.Β 

21 thoughts on “Fantastic Friday Giveaway! – Sprinkles Cupcakes – CLOSED

  1. the sweetest part of my day is after waking up, Ashlee comes right over and gives me a hug and kiss and says i love you mommy! πŸ™‚

  2. The sweetest part of my day is rocking my sweet boy to sleep. Every time he looks up and touches my face and says “nu nu mama” (love you mama) it makes me so happy and thankful to be his mommy.

  3. Sharing time with my Mom and her dogs and helping her with home projects since my step dad passed away last summer.

  4. The sweetest part of my day is when my daughter Serenity comes to me and says “Mommy I don’t want to play anymore will you bake with me” Melts my heart and we baked oatmeal cookies and banana breadβ™₯

  5. The sweetest part of my day has been a new part of our bedtime routine that I started Monday night. As I get Mayes’s diaper changed and put him in his jammies, my husband reads him a few bedtime stories. Usually once I change him I go do a few things around the house while they continue reading. This week though, once he was in his PJs, I laid next to Mayes and rested my head on his shoulder. He got the biggest smile on his face and put his chubby little hand and my cheek and rubbed it as he listened to the story. We have done this every night since! So sweet.

  6. The “sweetest” part of my day was waking up to my beautiful babes and cuddling them while we watched some Mickey Mouse and drank our chocolate milk Sippies πŸ™‚ There is nothing like the joy of my babes snuggling up to my chest πŸ™‚

  7. Hi,
    The sweetest part of my day was getting off work and going to spend it with my new nephew Oliver, babies always have a way of bringing a smile to your face after a long day πŸ™‚


  8. What an adorable story! I love cupcakes and both of you as well. You are so lucky you get to spend all day with such a beautiful baby girl!!!

  9. The sweetest part of my day is waking up to my 9 month old daughter Marlow clapping. It has become something of a ritual for her and melts my heart.

  10. The sweetest part of my day was leaving work early to pick Talia up from school and seeing the surprised – happy look on her face when she saw me.

  11. My days are never sweeter than when my six-week-old angel falls asleep in my arms. I know – it breaks the “rules” of sleep training, but I don’t care. That beautiful, trusting, innocent little face that is such a fun mixture of hubby’s and mine can sleep on me anytime. It won’t be long before she won’tvwant mommy, so I enjoy every second.

  12. The sweetest part of today was just a few minutes ago. My husband got to my daughter’s room before I did to say goodnight. He tucked her in, gave her a hug and then she said “Now I want Real Mommy”. Real Mommy is what she calls me when I’m not home or if Daddy is subbing in for something that I normally do. Daddy said “HEY!”, of course she giggled, she loves Daddy…but she is Mommy’s girl. Of course I don’t want to hurt Dad’s feelings, but sometimes it feels good to know you are number one, right?.

  13. I don’t know if it’s too late, but I’m gonna comment anyway because yesterday was crazy…my car kinda blew up and we were way across town in the east valley for my physical therapy appointment. Thank God my husband was with us. We had to get a ride from friend to a rental car place while a tow truck took my car to a repair shop. With my baby boy baking in the 100 degree heat, teething and past his nap time, I was a little stressed out. When we finally made it home, even though he had fallen asleep on the 45 min drive home, he woke up and wanted to nurse. The look he gave me when he latched on was priceless and brought tears to my eyes. He giggled excitedly, his eyes rolled back in head and then he locked eyes with me deeply as if to say, “Ahhh, that’s the stuff, thank you Mama, this is where I belong!” Definitely the sweetest part of my day.

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