Bath Time Essentials – Noodle and Boo Review


Just weeks before the arrival of my delicious baby girl I received a package of a different sort. My dear friend, Amy, a new mother herself, thoughtfully gifted me with some of her favorite baby items she’d discovered on her motherhood journey. Among the treasures were the softest jammies, made from bamboo fiber from KicKee Pants, adorable leg warmers from BabyLegs and my favorite of her favorites, a Noodle and Boo bath product gift set.

Noodle and Boo is a company dedicated to creating gentle, high quality products using the finest ingredients. They are natural, paraben-free and mostly certified organic. And the smell of these products is unbelievable.

I get so many compliments on how wonderful my Jaxie smells. Once a friend, who we had just spent an afternoon with sent me a text afterwards thanking me for letting her hold my baby, thus leaving her smelling fantastic for the rest of the day. Jax’s gym coach has literally picked her and inhaled her with a look of bliss on her face. Bliss, that is the only way to describe the scent. It smells exactly like what a baby should smell like. Not powdery, but lightly sweet, pure and fresh. If innocence had a scent, Noodle and Boo would be it. I imagine Heaven would smell like Noodle and Boo. Seriously.

The Soothing Body Wash is luxurious and rinses off easily. The Extra Gentle Shampoo is rich and doesn’t sting her eyes. The Bouncing Baby Bubbles create loads of fluffy bubbles for her to play in. The body lotion is light and absorbs quickly, leaving her skin exquisitely soft and smooth. And I can boast the fact that my baby girl has never, ever had a diaper rash and the  Ultimate Ointment has helped with that. The ointment also helped rid her of cradle cap and relieved her eczema. And the entire line has that same heavenly scent.

It is a little on the expensive side but she deserves only the best and as far as baby body care goes, this is it. Even if you don’t have a baby or are not expecting one soon, Noodle and Boo makes for an excellent shower gift for an expecting mommy. Or use it on yourself — sometimes I do! I have found a limited selection of the items locally at  A Pea in the Pod at Destination Maternity in Scottsdale, but I mostly purchase from their website or on Amazon. If you buy directly from Noodle and Boo’s website they include samples with every order.

I highly recommended this product line, high quality, safe and natural and heavenly scented, you can’t go wrong.




Disclaimer:  We received no compensation for this blog post.  All opinions are 100% my own. 

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