The power of baby


Today seriously ranks up there as one of the worst I have had in a really long time. Started off fantastically, waking up to a smiling, babbling baby; but by early afternoon it all quickly headed south.

The details are a bit too personal to divulge publicly, but let’s just say it felt like my world was toppling. Save for one pillar of heroic joy and ethereal bliss — my baby girl.

She is a beacon of hope and wonder. Her sweet baby innocence is healing and comforting. Never have I known more peace during internal turmoil than when I look into the depths of her sparkling black eyes. Her very essence speaks to my soul and lets me know that if I keep her safe and happy, everything else, come what may, will be just fine.

My little protector, my saving grace. It seems a big burden for such tiny shoulders. But she’s strong, and with every breath she takes I will persevere.  That’s the power of baby, and what a blessed woman am I to have such a champion on my side.

Nothing to do but count my blessings, take action and love my precious girl like there’s no tomorrow. But there is always tomorrow.

Can I get a YAY BABY?!

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